MaryAnn Raftin With Tallulah Pigeon08/08/2009
Larry Stewart Little River08/02/2009
Kemper Begley Little River08/02/2009
Eli Darby Little River08/02/2009
David Benton Little River Elbow08/02/2009
Dave Benton Little River Bottoms Up08/02/2009
Tish Benton Little River Bottoms Up08/02/2009
Trey Coleman Little River08/02/2009
Wading Drill Chota SWR Course07/18/2009
The Clemens Throwin Rope Chota SWR07/18/2009
Chota Swift Water Rescue07/18/2009
Connie Thomas Chota SWR07/18/2009
Practicing Z Drags Chota SWR Course07/18/2009
David Benton Ocoee Tablesaw07/17/2009
Tish Benton Ocoee Tablesaw07/17/2009
Ken Walker Pigeon Razor Rock07/11/2009
Tamara Hamel Swimming For Fun07/04/2009
Scott Wood Ocoee Surfin Hell Hole07/04/2009
Scott Wood Ocoee TableSaw07/04/2009
David Howard Ocoee Jumpin Into Cats Pajamas07/04/2009
Doug Klaras Raft Guiding On Fourth Of July Upper Ocoee07/04/2009
Randy Clemens Surfin New River06/24/2009
MaryAnn Grell Little River Sinks06/23/2009
Doug Klaras Little River Meanies06/23/2009
David Hickman Upper Ocoee Alien Boof Chota School06/14/2009
Julie Clemens Greenbrier05/10/2009
Christy Coleman Greenbrier05/10/2009
Christy Coleman Drop On Greenbrier05/10/2009
Tish Benton Greenbrier05/10/2009
Tish Benton Greenbrier Drop05/10/2009
Doug Klaras Little River Sinks05/09/2009
Doug Klaras Piney River Hungry Jack04/10/2009
Doug Klaras North Chickamauga El Roberto03/27/2009
Kemper Begley North Chickamauga03/27/2009
Kemper Begley North Chickamauga03/27/2009
Russell deCastongrene Tellico DirtyS03/22/2009
Larry Stewart Bday At Polar Bear03/20/2009
Larry Stewart Tellico Baby Falls03/20/2009
Doug Klaras Tellico Baby Falls Polar Bear03/20/2009
Doug Klaras DirtyS Polar Bear03/20/2009
Steve Perkins Tellico03/20/2009
Steve Perkins Tellico Baby Falls03/20/2009
Steve Perkins Tellico DirtyS03/20/2009
Wisconsin Crew Joining Us For Polar Bear Weekend03/20/2009
Typical Polar Bear Weekend Crew03/20/2009
MaryAnn Grell Bee Creek03/18/2009
Randy Bigbee Smilin On Bee Creek03/18/2009
Randy Bigbee Bee Creek03/18/2009
Jeff Moore Caney Fork03/17/2009
Doug Klaras Little Clear Creek Oh Yeah03/16/2009
Doug Klaras Little Clear Creak Triple Drop03/16/2009
MaryAnn Grell Little Clear Creek Boofalicious03/16/2009
Clay Guerry Island Creek Slide03/15/2009
Christy Coleman Tellico River Clean Up03/14/2009
Randy Bigbee Bee Creek Adv03/10/2009
MaryAnn Grell Baby Bear Alabama02/28/2009
Laura Kranendonk Baby Bear Alabama02/28/2009
Andy Christiansen Baby Bear AL02/28/2009
Scott Wood Tellico Baby Falls02/14/2009
Julie Clemens Tellico Baby Falls02/14/2009
Randy Clemens Tellico Baby Falls02/14/2009
Roll Practice At TN School For The Deaf01/30/2009
Damon Wooten Daddys Creek Rocking Chair01/10/2009
Julie Clemens Daddys Creek01/10/2009
Laura Eddlemon Daddys Creek01/10/2009
Zach Darby Daddys Creek Rocking Chair01/10/2009
Daddys Creek Crew01/09/2009
Andy Christiansen Tellico Baby Falls01/04/2009
David Benton Tellico Bounce Off Boulder01/03/2009
Larry Stewart Tellico01/03/2009
Leslie Tellico01/03/2009
Leslie Stewart Tellico01/03/2009
Leslie Stewart Smiling On Tellico01/03/2009
Jason Darby Daddys Creek The Fang01/01/2009
MaryAnn Grell Little River Canyon Alabama Cable Falls12/29/2008
MaryAnn & Doug Tellico12/27/2008
MaryAnn Grell Tremont12/21/2008
Doug Klaras Tremont12/21/2008
Russell deCastongrene Tremont12/21/2008
Aaron Hiscock Tremont12/21/2008
Tremont Crew12/21/2008
The Guys Team 1st Annual Halloween Raft Race Ocoee11/02/2008
Winged Wonders Halloween Raft Race Ocoee11/02/2008
Randy Clemens Cheoah10/04/2008
MaryAnn Grell Watauga State Line09/03/2008
Russell deCastongrene Chattoga SectIV Sock Em Dog08/30/2008
Aaron Hiscock Chattooga SectIV Jawbone08/30/2008
MaryAnn Grell Cheoah Big Un08/17/2008
Laura Kranendonk Alien Boof Upper Ocoee08/10/2008
Joshua Side Surfing Hiwassee06/28/2008
Jason Darby Surfin New River06/24/2008
Julie Clemens Surfin New River06/24/2008
Randy Clemens At Greyhound Bus New River06/24/2008
Gary Hickman Chota School06/22/2008
First Day Chota School06/22/2008
Clay Guerry Teaches At Chota School06/22/2008
David Hickman Chota School06/22/2008
Chota School Bonfire06/22/2008
Chota School Auction06/22/2008
Larry Stewart Playin On Ocoee06/12/2008
Womens Cheoah Race MaryAnn Tera Laura06/02/2008
MaryAnn & Tallulah Pup Cheoah Takeout05/10/2008
Doug Klaras Cheoah Big Un04/23/2008
David Howard Caney Fork Hells Kitchen04/10/2008
Russell deCastongrene Island Creek Compound Fracture04/05/2008
Russell deCastongreneIslandCreek04/05/2008
Doug Hodge Tellico Jarrods Knee03/30/2008
Christy Coleman Tellico Dirty S03/30/2008
Christy Coleman Tellico Baby Falls03/30/2008
Christy Coleman Tellico03/30/2008
Trey Coleman Tellico03/30/2008
Tamara Hamel Tellico03/29/2008
Damon Wooten Tellico03/29/2008
Russell deCastongrene Surfin Tellico03/29/2008
Polar Bear Tunes03/22/2008
Polar Bear Guitar Heroes03/22/2008
James Locke Polar Bear Weekend03/22/2008
Julie and Dee Polar Bear W03/22/2008
Tellico Fun03/22/2008
Tish Benton Tellico Jarrods Knee03/20/2007
Tris West Tellico Jarrods Knee03/20/2007
Two Goblins And The Beast Nantahala10/28/2006
Strainer on Clear Creek about 5 miles from 127 Bridge4/29/2006 
Strainer and cliff on Clear Creek about 5 miles from 127 Bridge4/29/2006 
Distinctive cliff view on Clear Creek about 10 miles below 127 bridge4/29/2006 
Wild Iris seen on the portage around Compound Fracture on Island Creek4/22/2006 
MaryAnn Grell running fun rapid on Island Creek4/22/2006 
MaryAnn Grell running Duskin Creek4/08/2006 
Alex Zendel running Cheoah Bear Creek Falls4/2/2006 
James Cornett Baby Falls Tellico River (850 kb)1/28/2006 
Andrew running Abrams falls 1-21-06 (800kb)1/21/2006 
Trey Coleman in Elbow on Little River (840 kb)12/31/2005 
James Locke at Elbow on Little River (900 kb)12/31/2005 
MaryAnn at Eddy Out on Little River (900 kb)12/31/2005 
David boofs Silver Diner, Little River (840 kb)12/31/2005 
John Miller teaches Z-drag at 2005 Safety Clinic (880 kb)8/06/2005 
Doug Klaras & his barge at 2005 Canoe School (870 kb)6/19/2005 
Chloe & Karen Duran on Chloe's first river trip (870 kb)6/19/2005 
James Cornett runs triple drop Little Clear Creek - ducky first decent (860 kb)4/03/2005 
Everyone waiting to surf Tellico River (Polar Bear Weekend)3/13/2005 
James Locke paddling with 8 year old Lauren Burress on Tellico1/28/2005 
Big South Fork - Russell at Elephant Rock10/23/2004 
Big South Fork - Canyon View10/23/2004 
Chota trip to GauleyFest 20049/25/2004
Gauley - Trey at Pillow9/25/2004
North Fork of the French Broad - Doug Klaras in Boxcar rapid9/19/2004 
Tremont - Russell about to be trashed in Stop Sign9/18/2004
Kirk on Little River Elbow during flood2/2/2004 
Kirk and Laura with VW loaded2/2/2004 
Johnnies Creek in Alabama - Chad Lewis1/1/2003 
Johnnies Creek in Alabama - Chad Lewis1/1/2003 
Matt below Gorrillia constrictor, Johnnies Creek, AL1/1/2003 
Johnnies Creek in Alabama - John McAvee1/1/2003 
Little River Canyon1/1/2003 
Kilpatrick on WataugaLate 90s?
David Tate leading Chota classLate 90's